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Varicocele infertility


Approximately 15% of varicoceles young men and 40% of subfertile men are likely to occur. Plexus dilation and tamponade over the testis of pampiniform venules occur, usually on the left side. In varicocele patients, sperm movement and concentration is low (65-75%).

The reason why the disease is usually on the left
a. Left renal veneer opening with right angle of left spermatic
b. Left spermatic longer than right
c. Left spermatic has insufficient valvular structure
D. Left spermatic is exposed to superior mesenteric artery pressure
can be explained as.

In older ages, varicocele may only show the possibility of being a kidney if it is detected on the right side. In varicoceles, sometimes the painful knuckles can cause pain and withdrawal to the testicle. Standing for a long time increases pain.