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Precautions After Renal Stone Treatment


In stone patients, it usually occurs again after 50% of the stone treatment. There are some points to be aware of in order to reduce this rate. If you apply these points carefully for years, your rate of stone disease falls obviously. In addition to the special drugs that stone patients should use according to the stone analysis made, there are also precautions that every stone patient should carefully apply. These:

2-Drinking water
3-Food can be collected in three main groups.

Kidney stones are generally seen more commonly in people who are sitting and fat. Lowering your weight to normal and avoiding excessive habits (excessive cigarettes, alcohol, lots of sugary liquids such as various sodas, or eating too much) is harmful to you.

1. Movement: In this case you should pay attention to your age and general condition of the patient to go to fresh air, preferably to run or if not possible to increase the number of times at least twice a week, then jump at least twice a week, the patient’s kidney stones or prostrate to the side of the masonry to be pumped to reduce the accumulation of the more important measures to prevent the formation of more stones.

2. Water: The stones consist of crystals in the urine (the darker the urine (if concentrated) the more urine salts can form, and the more water you have in your abdomen, the more the crystals stick to it. the amount of urine per day should be about 1.5 to 2 liters so normally one should drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day and this rate should be even higher in summer.The drinks that are useful for you are lighter tea and more lime, If you do not have as much sugar as you can, if hele hele weighs more than artificial sugar (eg dulcaryl, sakarin), naturally lemonade (if sugar is not added) will drink very well and we can recommend various fountain waters It is easy to see if the amount of urine per day is close to 2 liters You can download it.

3. Gıdalar: Normally with plenty of vitamins, low sugars, little dough is beneficial. You have to be careful not to lose weight. Salad, fruit should be eaten in plenty. Patients who are overweight, such as makama, rice, sweet pie, pastry varieties, should be avoided.


Often the stone should be seen by the doctor with an ultrasonic and urinalysis for 8-10 months. It is important to remember that the formation of stones is caused by inflammation of the urinary tract. If urine analysis, a trail of any inflammatory disease will appear, your doctor will take precautions. It also shows how concentrated your urine is in the urine assay. Generally, it is more pleasing if the stone patient’s specific weight in the urine is below 1015. It is the analysis of every part of the stone that should not be forgotten.

Calcium oxalate stone: If calcium oxalate stones are present in your assay, avoid milk products as well as figs and dry nuts. Also try not to eat cocoa, chocolate, spinach as much as possible. Try not to drink mineral water and alcoholic beverages that contain more than 100 mg of calcium in milk and milk drinks, cocoa and liters as a drink. Since these types of stones can also occur at increased levels of uric acid, we may need to pay attention to some of the recommendations we made for uric acid stones in some cases. If you check your doctor every 8 to 10 months, you may benefit from measuring the level of uric acid.

Phosphate stones: There are three types of stones under the name Phosphate stones.
1-Magnesium ammonium phosphate stone
3-Pure calcium phosphate stones

The first two groups occur when urinary tract infections and urinary pH value are above 6.4. These stones should be treated to treat infections and, if necessary, to reduce the urine pH sinus. This type of disease is beneficial in eating plenty of meat and eggs. Because these foods pull down the pH of the urine, they acidify it.

It is necessary to avoid foods such as milk and milk products, dried fruits, figs, bananas, oranges and mandarins in pure calcium phosphate stones. No orange juice, tangerine juice or grapefruit juice should be consumed in such infected stones.

Uric acid stone: It is possible to dissolve pure uric acid stones in alkaline urine. Patients with uric acid stone are recommended to eat more potatoes, vegetables and wholegrain products. Meat and protein intake, especially sausage, salami-type things must be reduced. They must eat offal. They also need to avoid fish canards. Excess coffee and mineral water are not useful for patients with uric acid stones. In addition to this, plenty of lemon juice, orange, mandarin, etc. , it is of benefit to ensure that the urine exits with a more alkaline pH. Your doctor will also tell you whether your urine tests and blood tests should require you to take other medicines.

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