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Neurogenic Bladder


Normal bladder function may be impaired in central or peripheral nervous system lesions. (Dysfunction)

Such a bladder is called a neurogenic bladder.

Most backbone fractures

medulla spinalis injuries
tabes dorsalis
in tumors and brain vessels

The lesion in the nervous system may be higher (supra segmental or up motor neuron lesion) than the center of the mass, and the lesion may be intra-segmental below the segmental (segmental). In the upper motor neuron lesions, the center of the mass is intact (automatic bladder spastic neurogenic bladder). In the sub motor neuron lesions cut the reflex cervix (autonomous bladder, Flask neurogenic bladder)

In the spastic neurogenic bladder, the bladder constantly empties itself but remains in the urine (50-150 cc). Bladder volume shrinks (100 – 300 cc).

The bladder can not drain itself in the flask neurogenic bladder and the bladder volume has increased further.


Patients complain of urinary incontinence, frequent urination, urinary incontinence

Spastic bladder volume is 150 – 300 cc. The abdomen, the hips, the skin of the genital organs can be stimulated to initiate the mass. Because it causes extreme contractions of the extremities. The flask is full of urine in the form of overflow in the bladder, bladder is full.

Spastic bladder diseases: meningomyelocele, spinabifida, etc.

Flask bladder diseases: congenital anomalies such as compression and destruction, tumor, meningomyelocele, tabes dorsalis, surgical trauma of pelvic nerves etc.


The history is based on physical examination, neurological and urological examinations.

Diagnosis is made by cystometry and urodynamic examination.


Stone formation, hydronephrosis, cystitis and pyelonephritis. Kidney failure can occur. Persistent urination in the face, vesicoureteral reflux and immobility in bed for a long period of time.


The goal of treatment is to maintain the bladder capacity, to control incontinence, to preserve kidney function, and to adapt to the patient’s social life.

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Neurogenic Bladder