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Infertility and genetic causes


Obstructive causes (obstructions in ducts)

Recurrent infections can clog the semen ducts of orchitis (testicular inflammation), inflammation of the epididymis, previous operations (hernia). This congestion can be in any area along the whole of the semen channel as well as in multiple areas.

4. Hormonal causes

FSH, LH hormones are secreted from a gland in the pituitary gland called the pituitary gland and stimulate testosterone production of testosterone. The disorder in this mechanism also disrupts the sperm structure balance.

5. Genetic causes

It usually plays an important role in fertility. Fractures and cuts in the Y chromosome at the end of the structure numerical and structural defects in the structure of fertility.

6. Immunological infertility

It is the destruction of sperm motility and function by producing antibody (blocking agent) against the own sperm of the body. Normally sperm is not the net temast with the person’s own body. This barrier is barrier (blood-testis barriers); trauma, infection and surgery, the system creates a blocking antibody by the defense system against the sperm passing through the circulatory system. It prevents the sperm from advancing to the vagina and female reproductive systems and adherence of the woman to the egg and disturbs the sperm entry into the egg.

7. Retrograde ejaculation (Backward ejaculation)

Unlike normal meninin flow to the escape rather than to escape. After prostate surgery, diseases affecting the nervous system and some medications used can disrupt the bladder neck closing function and cause it to run backwards.

The most important symptom for the patient is that his or her administration does not come after the orgasm or very little.