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Neurogenic Bladder

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Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Overactive Bladder Syndrome What? Often it is a discomfort that can be accompanied by urinary incontinence, which often leads to urination, a sense of tightness, the urge to urinate at night. It is a very common occurrence that affects 16% of the adu...
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Neurogenic Bladder

Normal bladder function may be impaired in central or peripheral nervous system lesions. (Dysfunction) Such a bladder is called a neurogenic bladder. Most backbone fractures medulla spinalis injuries tabes dorsalis in tumors and brain vessels problem...
23 March 11

Painful Bladder Syndrome

It is a non-microbial inflammatory disease of the mesenchyme, in which the cause of the interstitial cystitis is not known exactly, usually without any abnormality in the urine analysis. Patients continuously report frequent urination, sudden jerking...
23 March 12

To Reduce Bladder Complaints

The amount of liquid received should be reduced. However, since taking too little fluid will also cause other problems, the amount of fluid to be taken should be consulted. The fluid need should be limited according to the physician’s recommend...