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Kidney Stone Disease

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8 March 2

Precautions After Renal Stone Treatment

In stone patients, it usually occurs again after 50% of the stone treatment. There are some points to be aware of in order to reduce this rate. If you apply these points carefully for years, your rate of stone disease falls obviously. In addition to ...
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ESWL off Shock wave method

Today, kidney stones are broken with 90-95% ESWL and ESWL is the most innocent stone treatment method known. The shock waves that focus on the stone, the erosion on the surface, constitute the tension wave that separates the structural elements of th...
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Kidney Stone Types

It is the third most common disease in the urinary tract after prostate diseases and urinary tract infection. It is thought that the role of oversaturated urine is great, although the cause of astringent formation is unknown. Stone types a) Calcium s...
8 March 1

Renal Stone Disease Treatment

Nonspecific treatment It involves fluid intake and dietary manipulation. Fluid intake should be above 2 liters per day (average 3 liters). Stone analysis, urine pH level, minerals in the urine and citrate level is suitable treatment. Infection stones...
8 March 2

Kidney Stone Analysis

It is known that it was made by the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration. Mineralogy-Petrographic Researches related to the Institution Within the Coordination Department, analyzes are carried out to determine the types of stones t...
8 March 4

Kidney Stone Symptoms and Diagnosis

Kidney Stone Symptoms and Examination Stages a) Pain: Pain in the form of a renal colic: buildup of the collecting system or ureter occurs. Non-colic pain is caused by stretching of the kidney capsule. b) Hematuria: Patients have intermittent macrosc...
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