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8 March 5

Varicocele infertility

Approximately 15% of varicoceles young men and 40% of subfertile men are likely to occur. Plexus dilation and tamponade over the testis of pampiniform venules occur, usually on the left side. In varicocele patients, sperm movement and concentration i...
1 March 6

Infertility and genetic causes

Obstructive causes (obstructions in ducts) Recurrent infections can clog the semen ducts of orchitis (testicular inflammation), inflammation of the epididymis, previous operations (hernia). This congestion can be in any area along the whole of the se...
1 March ilaclar

Other Causes Of infertility

Medicines Medicines that disrupt sperm production function or ejaculation can lead to male infertility. Chemotherapeutic drugs can often lead to permanent infertility. In such cases, the sperm can be frozen and stored before treatment. Infertility is...
24 March 8

Non-surgical Treatments Of infertility

a) Medical treatment Hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, testosterone excess and deficiency, alpha-hydroxylase enzyme deficiency are compensated by medical treatment. b) Empirical treatment At least 25% of infertile men have no cause (idiopathic). A ...
24 March 9

Surgical Treatment Of infertility

a) Varicocele Varicocelin therapy is a surgeon. The best method of operation is microscopic varicoselectomy surgery. The success rate is higher and the risk of complications is lower than other methods. b) Obstructive infertility Transrectal prostate...