Robotic Surgery system (Robot Surgery)


Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

The Da Vinci Robotic surgery system consists of an ergonomically designed surgeon console, a unit carrying robotic arms, an optical system that provides 3D images, and surgical instruments that can provide mobility up to 540 degrees.

Da Vinci 3D Camera

Standard Laparoscopic images with a single camera  and provides a 2D image. This is similar to the appearance of televisions that do not have a sense of depth in your homes. The da Vinci robotic surgery system, on the other hand, consists of two high-resolution fiber optic cameras that come to each eye separately. Thus, a 3D image with a sense of depth is provided to the surgeon sitting on the surgical console, just like our eyes. In addition, with these cameras, the operation area is 10-12 floors  can enlarge. The most advanced form of this system, High Definition, is only available in the da Vinci Si robotic surgery system. As a result, this system provides the surgeon with a deep feeling during the operation, and the surgeon can see the operating field and anatomy in more detail and clearly.

Da Vinci Surgical arms

Robotic Surgery instruments are instruments with 7 degrees of free movement. The tips of these tools can rotate 540 degrees around their own axis and  human hand  wrist  able to imitate their movements. However, these instruments are much smaller than the human hand and can reach places where the human hand cannot reach during operations.

Advantages of robotic surgery

1-Less Pain: Minimal trauma to the skin and muscle means less postoperative pain and discomfort.

2-Less Risk of Infection: The minimal contact of the organs in the abdominal cavity with air in the operating room means a significantly lower risk of infection compared to open surgeries.

3-Safer Surgery: Three-dimensional and enlarged images provide better vision and protect blood vessels and nerves. For example, blood loss during the operation is greatly reduced.

4-Smaller Wounds: 1-1.5 cm versus 20-25 cm incisions in open surgeries' With one-inch incisions, wound sizes are minimal.

5-Fast Healing: The patient's recovery is also faster as movement and oral feeding start earlier after the operation.

6-Shortening of Hospitalization Time: The majority of patients are discharged 3 or 4 days after the operation

7-Quicker Return to Work and Daily Life: Faster recovery and recovery Thanks to this, patients regain their normal lives more quickly.

Surgeries Performed with da Vinci in Urology: – Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery – Robotic Kidney Cancer Surgery – Robotic  Bladder Cancer Surgery

– Ureteropelvic Stenosis (UP stenosis) – Radical and simple nephrectomy – Pyeloplasty – Sacrocolpopexy surgeries for bladder prolapse and urinary incontinence in women – Other surgeries ,